Untitled, 2011

Digital prints in hand-bound book.

I Flew To Sydney To Sell Books About Climate Change, 2015

Tiny Book Of Disasters, 2017

A collection of 10 major weather events to have occurred around the world in the past 2 months (Jan-Feb 2017). Carbon transfer and watercolour.

Book Of Smiles, 2011

50 smiles photographed over 30 minutes. Digital prints in hand-bound book.

Life Drawings, 2011

Assorted post-it notes from 2011 in hand-bound book.

Blocked, 2011

Book of torn notes taken by my hypnotherapist while helping me work through a persistent and paralysing creative block. End pages taken from an exercise on visualising the block.

 Various books from ' Attempts At Making Work ', 2011

Various books from 'Attempts At Making Work', 2011